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Funny: Teahouse
  • The moment that Claret knows what Mercutio uses her shoes for.
  • The look on Rory's face when he's told that he's too tight, and need to 'fix it'.
  • The Alt Text is hilarious and often mooodwhiplashing.
  • Most of Axis' moments could probably count as this. He even made a sex scene funny once.
    • To elaborate, him and Rhys tried switching positions...only for Axis to act like he was doing a girl, complete with ridiculous dirty talk. Not to mention Rhys' reaction...
  • Reed informed Rhys that his sister Evelyn was seen at the Teahouse with Axis. Rhys' reaction? He flips a table.
  • Page 103. Alt Text included.
  • The new character page on the website. And it's Alt Text.
  • Page 114. Mercutio and ... Love Craft™ Magic Fantasy 3500.
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