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Trivia: Teahouse
  • Jossed: Linneus isn't transgender.
  • Word of God: a LOT has been revealed about the setting via channels other than the actual comic, such as Emirain's DA submissions and the Ask Axis Formspring.
    • Linneus and Atros' history got explained before the story got to show it: heavily implying if not explicitly stating
    • The world/country where the story is located has few people of colour. (Also apparent in the work.) It's also not Victorian England, and not Earth.
    • The end of the Xanthe/Linneus arc will end in a happy way. Whatever that may consist of.
    • Rhys doesn't force Axis, i.e. what Rhys does is not rape.
    • Lilith is the only whore in the house Xanthe is known to have bedded.
    • Claret's hair colour is probably natural.
    • There is an age limit of 18 in the Teahouse and it's absolute.
    • Xanthe doesn't like renting his whores out of the house.
    • Rory has just turned 18.
    • The Teahouse was once an actual teahouse.
    • Teahouse courtesans in general...
      • may visit the courtyard, and leave the house for a while at times.
      • may bed each other.
      • get to keep their tips and gifts.
      • cannot really refuse a customer.
    • Axis...
      • has worked for five houses starting at age 18, and was bought into Teahouse.
      • had trouble staying in the favour of previous houses, and was kicked out at least once.
      • was born on 8th August.
      • has a taste for the "seasoned woman" but otherwise quite universally appreciates the feminine sex. Especially if they're loaded in the rack.
      • dyes his hair.
      • has no desire for things other than having a lot of sex and being lazy.
      • does maids of the house.
      • loves kittens, an appreciates red and steak as his, respectively, favourite colour and food.

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