Funny / Talkin' 'bout Your Generation

  • Amanda Keller and Denise Scott play Third Drawer Down while Josh begs them to stop with the TMI and pleads for Brain Bleach.
  • Noeline Brown's chaotic attempt to evoke the movie Crash using foley sound effects.
    Shaun: "Come and look what Noeline's doing."
    (Amanda steps out of the "sight-proof booth" to see Noeline bashing a toy fire-engine against a sheet of corrugated metal)
    Shaun: (beat) "Impressive, isn't it?"
  • The Trust Me games.
    • When Josh's grandmother appeared on the show, not only did she get covered in sour cream she alone proceeded to win the episode. Since then, many references to her have popped up throughout various episodes, particularly in reference to Shaun's Torture Machine used in the Trust Me games.
    • In the Time Warp Episode, Shaun played Josh, Josh played Charlie, Charlie played Amanda (complete with heels) and Amanda played the host. Shaun chose the Hidden Trust Me, and was all but forced to be chained to The Chair Of Danger. She took great relish, as did Charlie in Josh, in delivering Shaun's comeuppance by covering him with Marscapone Cream, Caramel Syrup and Pureed Passionfruit.
    • The Porridgey-Didge fiasco. What was supposed to happen: Amanda was sitting on a chair that would be incling until she fell into a vat of porridge. But she managed to hang on after Shaun managed to incline the chair all the way, so he decided to let her go... until Josh suddenly ran over and threatened to push her in. (He didn't).
  • The various guests delivering the Endgame envelope including Justin Bieber's carpet, a block of ice, Ziggy the world's tiniest zombie, Herbie the love bug, a zebra disguised as Scarlett Johannson, the inventor of Sudoku in a broken bumper car, and many others.
  • During the previously mentioned Time Warp version, Amanda as host becomes incredibly mean (which Josh finds incredibly amusing), especially to Shaun, which he protests.
    Shaun (as Josh): I'm a lot nicer to you when I'm hosting.
    Josh (as Charlie): It doesn't matter, because she's being mean to "me", which is you, and that's accurate. [...] She's being nicer to "me" than you usually are to me, which is you.
    (Shaun reacts with confusion, head in hands)
    Charlie (as Amanda, to Josh): Do you realise that this is the most complicated that this show had been, and you understand it?
  • In a playing of Guess The Guest, Patti Newton inhaled Sulfur Hexafluoride, causing her voice to become significantly deeper, much to everyone's amusement
    Patti (responding to the question 'What do you do for a living?' ): I'm a mother (inhales gas, her voice deepens), a grandmother (inhales the gas again, her voice now in Evil Overlord territory) and a wife!