Funny / Taskmaster

Comic Book

TV Series

    Series 1 
  • The watermelon task in "Melon Buffet". It starts off calmly with Josh and Frank gently eating watermelon, and Roisin panicking because she didn't realise she had to cut the melon open ... and then Tim and Romesh just bash the melon open and stuff as much in their mouths as possible.
  • Roisin forcing Alex to eat a pie filled with mint toothpaste in "Pie Whisperer".
  • "Down An Octave" has Josh being made to count how many baked beans there are in a can, followed by the number of spaghetti hoops, and finally grains of rice in a bag. This wasn't actually a task, it was just something done to make him the Butt-Monkey.
  • Tim and Romesh constantly fighting each other in the live tasks.

    Series 2 

    Series 3 

    Series 4 
  • Joe Lycett had to smile with increasing enthusiasm every 30 seconds in "Look At Me". Greg described it as "sixteen lovely smiles and four difficult poo faces".
  • Joe, Lolly, and Noel sabotaging each other's efforts in the team task in "Meat".
  • The whole hide-and-seek task in "No Stars For Naughty Boys":
    • Hugh decides to watch Alex from inside the house, and move according to where he's seen Alex go. When Hugh sees Alex enter the house, he decides to leave the room he's in; and the moment he opens the door, he sees Alex standing on the other side.
    • Joe spends two minutes running away from Alex after he had been spotted.
    • Noel gets caught out after 16 seconds because he chose to hide behind the caravan where Alex had been counting, and then didn't move after Alex came out.
    • Alex accidentally feeling Mel's breasts while searching the wardrobe she was hiding in. What's even funnier is that you can see the exact moment on Alex's face when he realises what he's just done.
    • Lolly taunting Alex, who is struggling to find her, by sending him a picture of herself at a beach, and one of her as a child.

    Series 5 
  • In "Dignity Intact", Nish manages to kick a basketball into the hoop on his first attempt... and then Alex shows the other fifty-two attempts Nish took before he succeeded.
  • For the "make the best splat" task, Alex introduces the task via a toy crane to the two teams. However, the crane failed to work when introducing the task to Mark and Nish.
  • One of the tasks in "Spoony Neeson" is to get a lit candle through the house and into the caravan, where they must use the flame to light another candle. Along the way, the house is rigged with a bubble blower machine and sprinklers. The moment Nish sees the bubbles, he says "bubbly fuck" which instantly extinguishes the candle.