Funny / Sword of the Stranger

  • When Kotaru first meets Nanashi, he starts to cook some fish and deliberately doesn't make any for Nanashi. Then he gives some to his dog, Tobimaru...who promptly carries it to Nanashi.
  • Master Bai-Luan is about to finish it all and shoot Nanashi. Luo-Lang, having finally found an equal match in Nanashi, would rather have a proper duel with him. So he prevents Master Bai-Luan from doing anything.
    Master Bai-Luan: I deserve immortalit— *takes a throwing knife to the forehead*
    Master Luo-Lang: Haven't you lived long enough, old man?
    • Just before then, Bai-Luan gets his left arm half cut off, with the lower part just barely hanging on. Because of the drugs he's on, he's just kind of miffed.