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Funny: Switched at Birth
  • Toby's attempt to at Bay's name sign, with excessive primping and hair tossing.
    "That's your sign for Bay?"
    • From the same scene:
    "This is 'gun.' This is 'sister.'"
  • Wilke running out of the car wash after betting Toby $20 he could go through.
  • "I feel used. I wish you'd use me more often."
  • Kathryn signing "make out" instead of "make coffee" to Daphne.
    "I just asked our daughter to make out with me."
  • One of Bay's ditzy classmates misunderstanding what "switched at birth" means:
    I just met Daphne. She is so cool! But I don't understand. Why doesn't she look like you?
    You do know the difference between "separated at birth" and "switched at birth", right?
  • "If vampires can date humans, I really feel like Deaf people can date hearing. At least neither of us wants to suck the other's blood."
  • Bay signing "get circumcised" instead of "hang out" to Melody.
  • Emmett being asked if he speaks English
    *signed* "No, Japanese."
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