Headscratchers / Switched at Birth

  • Buckner Hall and Carlton faced off against each other in the Missouri State Girls' Basketball Championships in Springfield (not that one). But wasn't it established that Buckner's in Mission Hills which is in Kansas?
    • It's not explicitly a state championship - it's just presented as a prestigious basketball tournament.
    • Meanwhile, were they the only ones there or were the other teams just not important?
  • Why has no one pointed out that since the girls are technically each other (Bay is Daphne Vasquez and Daphne is Bay Kennish), unless they legally changed their names and resubmitted their real birth certificates to everyone who needs them, a lot of official documents are nullified, beginning with their driver's licenses?
    • Because they were switched in the hospital, before their births were registered, presumably, Bay was registered as Bay Kennish, and Daphne was registered as Daphne Vasquez, rather than being registered as each other then being switched. Bay IS Bay, and was raised as Bay, even if she would have been raised as Daphne if the switch hadn't happened, same with Daphne. As they would have been registered as their parents child (even if they weren't), then that's how the law would see them. I believe this is how it can happen with adoptions and surrogate mothers - the child gets registered as the child of the adopting couple/couple who will be raising them, not the birth parents.
  • Did I miss something or is there a reason why Daphne has Regina's surname and not Angelo's or is it just that Regina switched her and Daphne back to her maiden name after Angelo left?
    • Regina and Angelo weren't married at the time of Daphne/Bay's birth. It is not uncommon for unmarried mothers to give their babies their last names, even if the father is in the picture at the time.
    • Don't forget that Angelo didn't believe Daphne was his child due to her having green eyes, and later, red hair. It could be on the birth certificate, she was registered as Daphne Sorrento, but Regina could have changed it after Angelo had a DNA tested and walked out on them.
      • Except we saw Daphne's birth certificate in the first season and it clearly listed her name as Daphne Vasquez.
  • At some point in the series, Regina was diagnosed with a hand disorder that forced her to stop signing and quit her work as a hairdresser. Aside from an angry outburst from Melody that she's never heard of that happening, the show never mentions it again. Since Kathryn took up signing a little earlier in the season, the dynamic settled into each girl drawing closer to her birth mom, changing the dynamic and, frankly, giving the Bledsoes less to do on the show. Does anyone know why the hand disorder was necessary?
    • It's a case of Real Life Writes the Plot. Since Constance Marie (Regina) didn't know Sign Language before the show, she had to learn really fast because Regina is supposed to be fluent. She developed carpal tunnel syndrome and double tendonitis so she's been unable to sign.
  • In "Yuletide Fortune Tellers," Bay discovers in the alternate universe she's Daphne and therefore deaf, but (unlike Katie Leclerc) Vanessa Marano gets to speak in her regular voice and not don a "deaf accent" for most of the episode. Daphne-as-Bay handwaves it by mentioning she must have had a lot of speech therapy, but therefore shouldn't regular Daphne have had it as well (especially since regular Daphne doesn't have a brother to put more strain on Regina)?
    • Perhaps it was Angelo's idea/insistance to give Bay more speech therapy than Daphne had... remember, he left shortly after Daphne lost her hearing, whereas he stays in the alternate universe, so that could very well make the difference.
    • I always understood it as muscle memory. Daphne-as-Bay still knew how to sign, and they kept their memories from the real timeline, so Bay-as-Daphne probably remembered how to use the muscles for speech.
  • Was Daphne homeschooled up through the third grade? If not, how did she make it to third grade before the other kids being horrible to her made her and her mother consider other options? (I realize the Internet wasn't a huge deal back then, but if a kid is being bullied that severely, usually many options will be considered, as long as the kid brings the issues up with his/her parents.)
  • If Noah lost most of the hearing in his right ear, why does Bay always sit on his right when talking to him?