Funny / Storage Wars Texas

  • Moe dancing with the hippies after getting his steel drums appraised by them. He quips later, "I still got it."
  • Lesa singing badly though in victory after winning that designer-labeled unit. With the proceeds, she'd gotten the last laugh though—just over $6,200, it was enough to win that episode.
    • Midway through Lesa singing badly, it cuts away to Jerry, who slowly plugs his ears.
    • Lesa has some choice words for the prior owner of the designer clothing.
    Lesa: "Size two? Skinny bitch."
  • The stinger for "Bounty Hunter Bubba Fett" has Ricky completely unable to pronounce Boba Fett correctly. He pronounces it as "Bubba's fat" at least once. Poor Bubba.
    Ricky: "I didn't know!"
  • When Lesa asks Jerry to go find Moe to check the teak bar cabinet she'd won, Jerry asks why, saying that "all he's gonna do is sniff it." He relents and finds him, and when Moe arrives, the first thing he does is indeed sniff it. Joke's on her this time, though: Moe offers to buy it from her for $500, which she happily agrees to...then later, when she comes to a party/sale at his house, she sees it appraised at $3400.
    • From the same episode: Lesa spends the whole episode with antiques on the mind...then, right at the end, proves that she has no clue what an antique is.
  • The Stinger for "Puffy in the Sky with Diamonds" has Moe helping Mary, his artist, with tight muscles in her back—but she's bent over and asking "Is it tight?"
    • Which leads to a musical Double Entendre by Victor: "Put sugar on your biscuit, feels good.."
    • Jerry sees this with a straight-out "Whoa!" and comments "My favorite position."
    • Someone in the background asks "Can I get one of those?"
    • Mary laughs a little but asks "You're filming this?!?" and comments everyone's "so perverted."
  • Lesa and Jerry attempting to put the Davy Crockett tent up in "Remember the Alamo?".
  • In "Dallas Cowboys and Indians," Lesa and Victor have a bet over the value of a paintball gun she found in a locker, with the loser spending two minutes as a human target; Lesa bets it's worth more than $500, Victor says less. It gets valued at $1900. Vic ends the episode bombarded with pink paintballs.
  • In "A Fistful of Auctions," Lesa bids against a blonde with a dog. She invokes The Wicked Witch of the West when she bids against the blonde:
    Lesa: "I'll get you my pretty...And Your Little Dog, Too!!"
    • She later gets bluer when she said why she bid hard:
    Lesa: "I've got bills to pay, and that dog and her bitch ain't gonna get between me and that unit!"
  • Ricky's enthusiastic bidding cracks Walt up in "Puffy in the Sky with Diamonds".
    Bubba: "I think we need to switch Ricky to decaf."
    • In the same auction, Moe pretends to flash Ricky for a laugh.
  • Ricky's reaction to something Bubba found in a locker he'd purchased solo in "Out of Af-Ricky".
    Ricky: "I leave the auction for one day, and Bubba has done bought somethin' that's gonna curse my family 'til the day I die!"
  • The Stinger for "Bubbapocalypse Now" has Moe trying to identify the wood in Jenny's Jamaican wooden necklace. Meaning Moe is sniffing Jenny's necklace (and the camera is making it look he's sniffing her instead). He names several woods, and Bubba asks him to identify one last wood piece on the necklace. Giving the wood a good sniff, Moe says, "Chanel." The others laugh.
  • So, so much about the episode, "Piñatas and Ta-tas." Even the title evokes a childish giggle. Top chuckles, however, go to the episode-naming lockers:
    • Between Victor, Moe, and Mary, over $2000 were spent on lockers filled with nothing but piñatas.
    • Ricky and Bubba find a locker with a crystal-studded bra inside of it. The expert appraiser they decide to take it to? Ricky's mother. Bubba takes it in to get her opinion, and she demonstrates (OVER the clothing) how it would be worn...just as Ricky walks in. I suspect Ricky might be needing therapy for this one.
      • Ricky's reaction when Bubba suggested they take the bra to his mother was priceless.
  • The three-way "Bring it!" war between Lesa, Jenny, and Mary in "I'd Do Anything for Lesa (but I Won't Do That)". The only person who didn't find it funny was Lesa herself.
  • In "Mary's New Hoopty Ride", Victor explains what a Butter Face is and the camera immediately cuts to a close up shot of Jenny.