Funny / Star Fox Adventures

  • Just about any time Fox makes faces when he is forced to do stuff.
  • Fox's long beat of silence as he tries to take the name "Tricky" for a prince seriously.
  • Fox thinking he already finished the mission in the planet by rescuing Tricky.
    • The fact he dislikes babysitting him through the whole game.
  • The first visit at Krazoa Palace, where Fox is relieved to hear Tricky isn't following him due to the Warpstone not being able to transport dinosaurs, only for Tricky's voice to resound in Fox's head saying, "I can still hear you, Fox!"
  • The first time Fox sees Krystal trapped in the crystal. He asks himself "What am I doing?" while still gazing at her, which isn't helped by the fact the Krazoa spirit in him gives him a purple shade in his eyes.