Funny / Starcrash

Like My Immortal, certain works go so far past So Bad, It's Good to be absolutely hilarious. Especially when experienced in large groups. A few examples:

  • The fembot on Amazon planet. Actually, basically all the robots in the movie. You'd think with such nice laser technology, the robots would have basic motor control.
  • In the climactic battle, the emperor launches a fleet of ships... which all happen to be shots of same ships shown over and over again. Nothing to do but shake your head and laugh.
    • In one moment, the same shot of these ships is used twice in a row (it plays once, then it's immediately repeated).
    • And the dozens of ships seem to deliver a grand total of eight guys to fight the enemy, who are immediately defeated. Sending them took several times as long as the fight.
      • And the guys are delivered by firing torpedoes through the windows of the spaceship, where they land right next to the enemy combatants and open up to release the men. Here's a thought, maybe put explosives in the torpedoes. You know, like real torpedoes.
  • Zarth Arn. Particularly his ridiculous hand-shaped Death Star... Come to that, Large Ham? Red and black color motif? Hand battle ship? We found the Master!
    • All those wives must have finally got to the bastard!
  • The costumes. Ignoring Stella, Akton's has some sort of red arrow pointing to his crotch.
  • Akton explaining why he never let Stella change the future "It's against the law" This line becomes hilarious when the audience remembers he and Stella are illegal smugglers.