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Funny: Spaz Attack Commentaries
Starfox Assault
  • There's a part near the end of the game where Fox is invading an Aparoid station and comes across a series of hallways that take a lot of time to clear. Cue the Benny Hill theme.
  • In Part 12, Anthony's Internet goes down on him, prompting Kenny and Trevor to name that video "The Anti-Anthony Archives".
  • There's a moment in Part 13 where Trevor, while fighting aparoids atop Wolf's ship, gets killed and falls to the ground below.
Trevor: They didn't kill me.
Kenny: Um, yeah they did.
Trevor: What are you talking about? I didn't die.
Kenny: Your corpse is lying on the ground! You are fucking dead!
  • Their reaction to one of the dinosaurs talking about Fox and Krystal's honeymoon gets a big laugh from all three commentators.

Dino Crisis
  • Every puzzle is accompanied by the Tetris theme.
  • Kenny deliberately gets eaten by the Tyrannosaurus in Part 3, and when he tried to show off the fight legitimately, he ends up getting eaten again.
    • He makes up for it in the beginning of the next video, but it was still an Epic Fail.
  • For the Tyrannosaurus fight in Part 11, Kenny edits in the song "Walk the Dinosaur". Needless to say, all three commentators are in stitches.
    • It returns for the end credits, and is equally as funny.
  • Kenny shows off the Mercenaries-style mini-game at the end, and ends up dying. Justified in that he wasn't really trying and just wanted to show it off.
  • Trevor's reaction to the "After These Messages" bumpers Kenny edits in, especially his reaction to the one in Part 11.
What the fuck?! What the fuck was that?
  • What the fu — BOOM!

Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back
  • Kenny, seriously?!
  • Anytime Kenny gets the Level Three Aku Aku mask, Trevor sings a version of the invincible song.
  • Getting 10 extra lives by bouncing on a poor polar bear's head. That poor bear.
  • Apparently, Cortex's massive chin is bigger than Batman's.
  • Kenny intentionally belly flops onto a pile of Nitro Crates during a Bonus Room. In fact, the fail was so epic he showed it three times, the third time slowed down with the Leeroy Jenkins sound byte.
  • Any instance of the time cards.
  • There's a part near the end of the game where Kenny kept unintentionally running into a Nitro crate or an enemy, or sometimes being pushed into a Nitro crate by an enemy. He only shows it four times, each time intercut with a time card, but by the end, he had gone through seven lives before finishing. Still, it was friggin' hilarious.

Super Meat Boy
  • The entire playthrough was funny, but special mention should go to Trevor's Rage Quit in Part 5. Apparently, he died a total of 58 times in that level. The sound byte is what made it really hilarious.
Hey, follow the sound of my voice and kill whoever's holding the microphone!
  • In Part 3, Trevor gets stuck in a wall.
LOL what?
  • During one of the replays, as a blink-and-miss-it moment, one of the Meat Boys goes flying out the window of the tower.
  • Oh, that poor squirrel
  • At one point near the end of the game, Kenny and David start singing "The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny".

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
Rita Repulsa: Oh, I've got such a headache! Somebody bring me an aspirin!
  • One ugly motherfucker.
  • At the end of Part 3, Kenny saves in a small storage room just after meeting Carlos. At the beginning of Part 4, he gets ambushed by Nemesis upon leaving the room and dies. All the while he's just freaking out.
Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ! No! No! Nonononono!
  • And apparently, he was so flabbergasted he had to see that scene twice.
What just happened?
  • Imma firin' ma laser!
  • Kenny re-enacting the "Planning To Fail" PSA from Red VS Blue. (This was actually during one of the failed attempts to record the game, but it still got a laugh from Trevor, so it counts)
  • There are three instances of the WTF Boom. The first two involve Nemesis getting blown up. The first time this happens, in the restaurant, he turns in time to the "WTF" before the "Boom". The second time is during Mikhail's Heroic Sacrifice, and the third time is when Nemesis blows up the rescue helicopter.
  • When Kenny pushes Nemesis off the clock tower balcony, he edits in the Goofy Yell. He does this again when he pushes Nemesis off the bridge between the park and the water treatment plant.
  • When Kenny encounters Nemesis in a small hallway after completing the scavenger hunt, he puts in a picture of a cartoon mouse screaming "I want my mommy!"
  • While in the sales office in Part 8, after watching the TV to get the password to unlock a door, we get a bit from Spaceballs where the movie (or game, in this case) is turned off partway through.
  • Also while in the sales office: As the zombies come bursting in through the window, we get a sound byte of the Kool-Aid man saying "Oh yeah".
  • SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM! OH YEAH! (followed by Benny Hill)

Star Fox 64
  • All the comments about how useless Slippy is. And it's true.
  • Anthony goes off to help his dad with something, and doesn't return to the commentary.
    • This was another instance of his Internet crapping out on him.
  • "You shot Church, you team-killing fucktard!"
    • That one was a request by Kenny because it seemed so fitting.
    • And throughout the rest of the level, they keep making references to Chruch's body rotting on the ground.
  • Andross's second form clearly needs to use some Clear Eye.
  • WHAT?!
  • "You made me a fucking rabbit?"

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  • Saria and Zelda using their ocarinas as vibrators.
  • Part 14 has the Trololo song playing as Ganon is going on about how Link actually helped him get into the Sacred Realm. At the end of the cutscene, as Ganon laughs, it looks like he's actually singing along with the song.
    • Before that, Trevor gets trolled by the bomb pot in Goron City.
  • Alanie gets drunk.
  • Anytime there's a jump cut, Trevor edits in "PINGAS!"
  • "Link riding Epona with a frog in hand with Big the Cat chasing after him, all while Benny Hill plays in the background"
  • Trevor's idiot moment in the Water Temple, causing Porky Pig to hijack the commentary
  • Whatever Alanie is doing with that goat, we don't want to know
  • Part 23 is nothing but Alanie forcing Kenny to bleach his brain with her dirty mind.
    • Before this, Kenny kept trying to shoot the owl, only to end up missing. The joke is that he was drunk, even though he'd only had one beer and a cup of soda.
  • Trevor totally annihilates the Water Temple boss.
  • All throughout the Water Temple, Kenny — using the voice of Nappa from Dragon Ball Z Abridged — kept asking "Are we done yet?" prompting annoyed groans from Trevor and Chris. Trevor kept telling Kenny to shut up, but he kept doing it anyway, even AFTER the Water Temple.
Kenny: Are we done yet?
Trevor: Shut UP! We're done already!
  • While trekking through the child half of the Spirit Temple, Trevor traps a floor spike between a block and a wall, causing it to jitter back and forth; the guys all say that that's how they got their name Spaz Attack.
    • And later on, the floor spike clips through the block, damaging Trevor.

Sonic Adventure 2
  • Taking a note from Clement, Trevor edits in Knuckles yelling "SHUT UP!" whenever someone calls him an idiot. Oddly enough, Kenny's the only one who does so.
  • During the Shadow fight in Part 2, Trevor slides between the rails and into the water, effectively glitching through the invisible walls on the stage and dying.
  • When the moon blows up in Part 3, Trevor edits in the scene where Gru steals the moon from Despicable Me
  • In the same video, Kenny's reaction to the cars just being tossed around like rag dolls during the Tails driving segment.
  • And again in Part 3, Trevor edits in the Spaz Attack the middle of the video.

Metroid: Fusion
  • In Part 1, Anthony makes note that the Morph Ball is one of his favorite Metroid power-ups, not realizing that he had just set himself up for a joke about how he likes balls.
  • BSL = Bullshit Lounge.
  • Trevor decides to try to take on the SA-X, but it goes about as well as you would imagine. He survives by running away, and as he runs, he edits in a scream by PewDiePie.
  • Samus vs. the Mexican Jumping Condom.
    • When Trevor's recording craps out, he leaves a message saying that they'll be using Kenny's Skype recording, accompanied with the image of said Mexican Jumping Condom wearing a sombrero and ranchero music playing.
  • Guile's Theme goes with everything.
  • Way back in Part 1 when Trevor stopped at a navigation room because he forgot what he was doing, Kenny called Samus an idiot. Said remark got the ''Big SHUTUP" from Samus, as well as a picture that made it look like she was about to shoot Kenny in the face.
  • "STOP! Trolling Time!''
  • The wonderful thing about Ridleys, is Ridleys are wonderful things.
    • Anthony kept telling Kenny to shut up, but Kenny kept going until he'd finished the song. Anthony was annoyed, but Trevor was impressed.
Trevor: I'm glad you did that, because I couldn't remember it for the life of me.
Anthony: That was torture!
Kenny: Hehehe.

Pokemon Lost Silver Part A
  • Upon immediately starting what he thinks is Pokemon Silver, Trevor is confused to be starting the game without an intro, unaware that he is playing a hacked version of the game.
  • A Running Gag throughout the playthrough is Trevor pointing out how "useless the map" is.
  • As soon as he finishes the game, Trevor gets a Skype message from Kenny, who had just gotten back from his brother's wedding.
Trevor: Oh, congratulations! Congratulations! I just played a game about fucking death and Kenny gets back from a wedding! Fucking fantastic! Fucking fantastic!

"Sonic Boom Impressions"
  • The whole thing, courtesy of the crazy edits Trevor puts in.
    • Including the scene where Sonic makes fun of the name of Eggman's robot.

"Super Smash Brothers Impressions"
  • Everyone's complete and utter shock over the fact that Kenny has never played any Smash Brothers game. Kenny himself laughs at this.
I'm sheltered, I know.
  • Everyone gushing over all the characters showcased in the Nintendo Direct, especially Mega Man and Greeninja.
  • Kenny mistakes Sakurai for Shigeru Miyamoto. He says it was an honest mistake, but says that the only reason he made this mistake was because he thinks both men look alike.
  • Everyone — Kenny, Trevor, and Anthony — bash on Sakurai for trolling the viewers about Zero Suit Samus.
  • There were TWO Player Twos?

Duck Tales Remastered
  • Trevor makes it a point to continuously harp on Kenny for having to use his camcorder to record game footage, and Kenny's rebuttal is to say "At least it's something".
  • Cookie Monster. That is all.
  • The last two minutes of Part 1 is Kenny diving into the money bin. See Overly Long Gag on the main page.
  • Trevor's reaction to the Scepter of the Incan King being a backscratcher. Kenny says he forgot to include a laugh track, but after hearing that reaction, a laugh track isn't necessary.
  • This is what happens when you piss off Incan ghosts, Scrooge.
  • Kenny delivers a Take That to Simon Belmont by saying that Scrooge doesn't need a whip, he uses his cane. Up yours, Belmont! (I think I just pissed off a Castlevania fan)
  • Everyone is dumbfounded by the Terra-Firmians, especially when the King starts using a Spin Dash to attack Scrooge.
  • Kenny keeps diving into the money bin.
  • So what is this coin? A Chuck E. Cheese token?
  • Kenny spends several seconds trying to kill a rabbit, only to fall into a pit thanks to knock back. Whoops.
  • Wait wait wait wait wait, this thing is a chick? Scrooge is beating up a woman!
  • Trevor lets out another angry groan when he learns that the treasure on the moon is a piece of cheese.
  • Juan keeps using a sound player on his phone, from the random shouting of "KHAN!" to Mrs. Beakly beaming out of a level.
  • Speaking of Mrs. Beakly, how the fuck is she getting to these levels? And for the stupidest reasons. Cleaning out the cobwebs in Transylvania, testing her pie crust in the vacuum of space....WHY?!

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