Funny / Space Camp

  • Rudy accidentally mistakes Andie for a Drill Sergeant Nasty.
    Andie: Name?
    Rudy: (while chewing gum) Rudy Tyler, Ma'am.
    Andie: Spit it out, Rudy.
    Andie: ...I meant the gum, Rudy.
  • Tish doesn't handle the shuttle launch as well as the others.
    Tish: (whimpering) I feel sick... We're gonna die... (opens her eyes and sees the others floating in zero gravity) We're already dead...
  • Grim as the situation has just gotten, Zach can appreciate the sheer absurdity of it when asked what to tell the press.
    Zach: Tell'em the truth: we launched my wife and five kids from the SpaceCamp. They'll never believe it.
  • While trying to solve the depleting oxygen problem.
    Andie: Come on, everybody, let's think, where are we going to get more oxygen?
    Tish: Great, Kev.
  • Max can't help himself and references Star Wars when he rescues Andie.
    Max: (Andie does a Jump Scare in surprise) It's me! I'm here to rescue you!note 
    • After Andie in turn saves Max from drifting away from the station.