Funny: Space Cowboys

  • The Ensure / Baby Food exchange.
  • When Clint tells the bar tough, "go back to your virgin pink dacquiri."
  • "Who blacked out first?"
  • The Running Gag of meeting someone who knew an old peer of theirs, only to learn that person is now deceased.
  • Before launch, the Reverend leads his fellow astronauts in (Alan) Shepard's Prayer: "Lord, please don't let me [screw] up."
  • When Corvin tells Hawk (in recruiting him) he's there to keep a promise:
    Hawk: The promise to kill me, or the promise to have both of my LEGS broke?
    Corvin: No, the...other one....
  • Jerry passing the vision test perfectly, to the astonishment of all...until he whispers that "My perfect!"