Funny / Simple Minds

  • The official video for "Love Song" could easily qualify. As Dream Giver Redux so expertly puts it: "It's really cool 'cause it's called Love Song but they get in loads of fights. And stuff." They also give a detailed and accurate description of the entire video.
  • The lyrics for early tracks "18-18" & "Pablo Picasso" are pure teenage comedy.
  • "Murder Story" "Garden Of Hate", "Kaleidoscope" and "Thirty Frames A Second" are all narrated from the point of view of sociopaths, though the effect is impossible to take seriously due to the goofy delivery.
  • The 'cow mooing' on "70 Cities As Love Brings The Fall" amuses some fans no end.
  • Jim's love of the phrase "Let me see your hands" in live performances is something of a Memetic Mutation amongst fans, to the point where he has referenced it himself in online posts.