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Funny: Silver Streak
  • When George and Grover first meet:
    Grover: What do they want you for?
    George: Murder.
    Grover: Drop me off anywhere along here, okay? I don't mess with the Big M.
  • The whole scene in the train station, as George and Grover are trying to elude the cops and make it on board the Silver Streak:
    George (As Grover is applying the shoe polish to his face): It'll never work. Never.
    Grover: What are you, 'fraid it won't come off?
    George (Slaps Grover's hand, giving him "five"): Shit! That's mah man! That's mah main man! (In normal voice) I don't think we'll make it past the cops.
    Grover: We'll make it past the cops. I just hope we don't see no Muslims.
    • As they board the Silver Streak,
    Grover (To the agent with George's picture): Who you lookin' for?
    Agent: White guy.
    Grover: Well, if I see any, I'll let you know.
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