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Funny: Shinji and Warhammer 40k
  • 'If the boy is a Messiah, then that would makes Gendo Ikari...? Hell no.'
    • "... actually, I would rather accept the boy being born of virgin birth than contemplate that someone as intelligent and attractive as Yui Ikari would even touch a slimeball like Gendo."
  • "The Emperor's soap" springs immediately to mind. Perhaps surprisingly, these moments can occur even in the middle of pitched battles ("HALT! Hammerzeit!")
  • In the first chapter, when Shinji attacks the guys who stole his Warboss model: "He's biting my toes! Oh god why is he biting my toes?" "The pain! I never knew there could be such pain!"
  • "Emperor penguin?" "Wark!" "Hail!"
  • The Dance of Capitalist Superiority, anyone?
  • "No fair! the opposition has the advantage of Spear and Magic Helmet!"
  • When you consider the fact that Shinji has taught an entire generation of proper Japanese kids how to speak English like Orks.
  • In Chapter 41, the fact that one of the Mass-Production Evangelions is at one point described as having an "I has a sad" expression.
  • Chapter 21: "... did you actually say 'Schwiiing!' as you turned your chair around?" Gendo merely entered into a profound silence.
  • In Chapter 38: Half the chapter is spent detailing how one man heroically manages to take down a gigantic robotic dinosaur. The other Tyrant King?
    Asuka Langley-Sohryu punted a nearby Tyrant King into the horizon. Though twice as large as a real Tyrannosaurus Rex, they were perfectly sized for kicking.
  • In the last few chapters, Kaworu's running internal monologue as he tries to figure out what Shinji is planning next, including such gems as this: 'What? He can't have run out of power yet.' The Evangelion remained on its feet, the glow in its eyes a steady bright orange. 'Oh, shi-. Am I standing on an N2 Mine?'
  • And our beloved noncanon berserker... "FEEL THE -POWER- OF MY OPPOSABLE THUMBS, -BITCHES-!"
  • The dialog with the Space Marine on the topic of chainswords.
    'Be blessed in the name of the Emperor.' said the Space Marine. 'Be blessed by the anger of the machine spirit. May your bite bring His rage, may your roar echo His wrath.'
    "Um... I'm going to use it mostly to chop wood."
    'Chop wood in righteous -anger-, then. In the Emperor's name, may they be -torn- into pieces suitable for re-assembly! Let them come together in praise of his Will!'
  • Despite being a Wham Episode and something of a Darkest Hour the latest chapter is rife with them. Two words: Penguin. Laser.
    Pen-Pen: Wark.
    Lilith: WHAT.
    [Frickin' Laser Beams happen]
    Shinji: ... in my defense, I wasn't expecting that to work, like, at all.
  • "There were scale models of the Evangelions, pilot profiles, books, toys, and assorted merchandise. The Whack-A-Gendo game was (un)surprisingly popular."
    • The Emperor's soap. Shinji finding a chainsaw. Da Boyz and their behaviour in the presense of Da Boss. The Ship-to-Ship Combat between the students. Rei, Orky superhero ("Waaagh"). "Damn you Ikari!". The Eldar Farseer's... propositions. Kensuke's ever-growing devotion to the Machine Spirit. Ritsuko's ever-worsening hysteria as Shinji makes balloon animals out of physics. Being fired upon by fireworks. Like with Crowning Moments Of Awesome, Shinji And Warhammer 40 K merely requires a page to be picked at random.
    • We can't forget the Farseer handing out Dope Slaps while the Marine moans about Leman Russ, "Gendo, you're an asshole!", and the Farseer and Warboss collaborating on a plan to kick Gendo in the teeth. This is in the first two chapter and prologue.
  • The Omake in Chapter 20. Especially where Shinji's mother is involved.
    Yui: Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and now he is even more attached to his girls; and vice versa. He has gained talents, decisiveness... endurance! My boy is irresistible! [dances with fans akimbo] Heirs! Grandbabies! By the score! Ohohohohohohoh!
  • If you value your life, don't steal lines from G Gundam when Kensuke can hear.
    Gendo: This hand of mine... glows with an awesome power.
    Kensuke: NO! NO! You of all people don't get to say that! YOU DON'T!
    Gendo: ... its shine calls for me to defeat you.
    Random NERV Staff: Aida's gone berserk! Run for your lives!

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