Funny / Shadowhunter Peril

  • Nearly everything Veronica says or does is a CMOF.
    Dieter: *leading the Architect into the room*
    *a knife hurls across the room and sticks itself near the Architect's head*
    Dieter: Veronica! *to the Architect* I'm terribly sorry, she's not usually like this—well, she is, but—
  • The time when Umbra witnesses a power transfer between Nicholas and Puriel and mistakes it for them being in danger. He utters a shocked yell and douses them with water, only to be admonished by Nicholas as if he were a small child.
  • When Veronica kisses Umbra to make Nicholas jealous, everyone's reaction but hers is basically WTF. Although what really makes it funny is that Bezaliel, Nicholas's FATHER is snoozing on his back while the whole thing is happening.
  • Etzel jovially blowing up the street with land mines.
  • Dieter: "Etzel, I'm not gay!"
    • Dieter and Etzel will ocasionally get their own funny parts in—they completely contrast each other so that leads to some of the best vocal comedy. The rest is slapstick.
  • Puriel trying Airren's soup for the first time.