Funny / Science Court

  • Pretty much anything with the jury. With each new jury, the animators seem to try to top the zany look of the last.
    • This would also count as a Couch Gag.
    • One episode dealing with ice had the jury be comprised of Professor Parsons' puppets...and when he realizes this, he starts to freak out on the witness stand.
  • Any time where Doug Savage loses his wig.
  • Professor Parsons playing with his dinosaur puppet and then realizing that the camera has started rolling.
  • J.C. Cramwood, who is constantly smiling and promoting himself with his boisterous voice, except whenever somebody mocks his work.
  • Jen Betters consoling Doug Savage
    Jen: Mr. Savage. Are you crying?
    Doug: Yeah. (snif) But that doesn't make me a baby!
    Jen: Well, crying's not a sign of being a baby.
    Doug: (looks surprised) Oh. Well, what about playing with plastic multi-colored stacking cups?
    Jen: ...