Funny: Samurai Deeper Kyo

  • Hello! What could be funnier than seeing Sanada Yukimura in a DRESS!
  • Kyo has a #1 servant!
  • Yukimura and Kosuke pulling a switcheroo on Akari!
  • Hotaru taking a break and trying to move a caterpillar out of the way with a toy helix in the middle of a 4-against-1000 battle.
  • See the bloopers of the English dub on YouTube. Dan Green has one you need to hear to believe, at around 3:40:
    First thing I'm going to do is get laid, then I'm gonna get laid again, then do some crack and get laid some more. Because that's what I'm all about. Getting fucked.
  • In one of the mini side comics, Fubuki asks the other Taishiro what they should do about Kyo and his group, and we get this exchange.
    Hishigi: I think we should do whatever you feel like, Fubuki.
    Tokito: Jeez, Hishigi, way to take a stand.
    Yuan: Sigh, fighting already. Hey, is this meeting over yet?
    Hishigi: ...
    Tokito: Fubuki-san, when do we get to the important stuff?
    Yuan: So I can go, right?
    Fubuki: Any opinions? Any?
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