Funny / S Club 7

  • In real life, the video of the band's reaction to "Bring It All Back" getting number 1.
  • In an episode of LA 7 Paul has to pretend to be Joanie's boyfriend and she says she has a pet name for him. The pet name: Horn Doggie.
  • Hurricane Hannah.
  • Jo and Rachel are meant to audition to play Zelda but get the date of the audition wrong and end up playing singing teeth in a toothpaste commercial.
  • When the 13 year old head of a video game company hits on Hannah...
    Hannah: Spike, you're thirteen, and you're a little squirt. Now why would I be interested in a chap like you?
    Spike: Well I own three villas across the country, a yacht in the South of France and I'm worth about 2 billion.
    Hannah: (putting her arms around him) Do you like Chinese?
  • From the movie, the Jon clone gives us this little gem:
    "We're rebelling...if that's alright"
  • The episode of LA 7 when they get lost in the woods and the car runs out of petrol.
    Hannah: It's ridiculous.
    Rachel: Tell me about it.
  • In the movie Hannah decides to sneak out of the hotel without paying by wearing all of her clothes on top of each other.
    "I'm not taking a suitcase, I'll look far too suspicious."
  • How the band hired their manager.
    Tina: I said we should have gotten a proper lawyer instead of your Uncle Peter.
    Hannah: My Uncle Peter knows the legal system a lot better than any normal lawyer.
    Jo: Your uncle's an ex-con!
  • In Back To The 50s the rest of the band's complete indifference to Rachel, Jo, Bradley and Paul getting thrown in prison. Also Rachel requests an extra pillow and a Caesar salad. When Paul reminds her that they're in a jail cell and not a hotel, she says "that's why I only asked for a small Caesar salad".
    Jo: Who wants to tell her what the bucket's for?
  • The episode of LA 7 when they decide to make a movie. Rachel and Jo are playing two bank robbers. When Jo gives her their game plan, Rachel says "oh but we can't hurt them [the people in the bank]" and she and Jo instead settle for calling them nasty names.
  • After the movie's shower scene...
    Rachel: Jon, it might be just me but...did you...notice...something in the showers?
    Jon is grinning like a school boy
    Jon: Yeah, Rach, sorry but I looked. Don't worry, I still respect you.
  • One of the best Actor Allusions you will ever get when Joni threatens the band with eviction.
    "If you don't pay your rent soon, it'll be a case of repossession. And I'm not going through that again.
  • An episode of LA 7 has Hannah working as a tour guide and discovering a star's house in the process of being burgled. She stops the tour to investigate...and all the tourists excitedly follow her inside. The would-be robber ends up stunned and runs into his own van, knocking himself out. The tourists all applaud Hannah, who gives in and takes a bow.