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YMMV: S Club 7
  • Bizarro Episode: The one episode of Miami 7 where the band gets sent back in time to the 1970s.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Despite "Don't Stop Moving" being considered their best song, "Reach" was a huge crowd favourite. Many of the members expressed shock and surprise at how often it would be requested at performances. It was so popular with fans that Jon actually admitted he was sick of hearing it everywhere.
    • Hannah was one for the group overall. Being the comic relief through sheer ditziness will do that.
  • Equal-Opportunity Offender: None of the villains targeted a specific member for their looks. They were targeted for their actions, regardless if there was a member of a different sex and/or race.
  • Face of the Band: Jo, though they did like to push equality.
  • Fridge Logic: The band are in Spain during Viva S Club yet are never shown having to use any Spanish or even having learned it.
    • Not unbelievable. Spain does have a large number of British ex-pats floating around, and it's entirely possible they settled into a Chinatown-like English speaking bubble.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: In some of the episodes, Jo does give the rest of the group a hard time in a comical matter. However, considering 43.4 percent of the population of Guyana is East Indian according to Census 2002, seeing Tina, who's half-Guyanese, getting her fair share seem harsh after Jo's disastrous appearance on Big Brother due to her criticism of Shilpa Shetty, an Indian actress, being taken as attack on the actress rather what Jo was really talking about... Shetty's cooking.
    • Wind Resistance, about an upcoming hurricane is harsh to after Hurricane Katrina, which killed 1,833 people in 2005... 3 years after Tropical Storm Hanna in 2002. Another storm, Hurricane Hanna, struck in Haiti in 2008, killing 500 people.
    • A minor one in the film. Early on Rachel panics about the guard dogs and tells the group what she wants to buried in. Later in the film, Victor Gaughan nearly kills her personally to make an example of her.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Three out of four TV specials had plots about a member considering leaving the group. In the Christmas Special it's Paul who considers leaving (due to Easy Amnesia) which becomes a little harsher to watch with the knowledge that he would eventually leave.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In the movie, Jon's clone happily jumps into the shower with Bradley (and the girls), freaking Bradley out. The real Jon is also quite hesitant to shower with everyone else. Comes across this way, now that it's known Jon's gay in real life.
  • Ho Yay: Spike, the thirteen-year-old billionaire says he'll help Bradley beat the game for the price of a hug (he means from Hannah). Paul hugs him first.
  • Growing the Beard: Each new album moved away from the bubblegum pop sound of S Club with 7 featuring a lot more R&B type songs, Sunshine getting very mature and Seeing Double perhaps a little too much so.
  • Scrappy: Paul is seen by some fans as this, his departure technically started the band's downfall. Even more so nowadays that he's ironically one of the first members on board for a reunion.
    • Inevitably, Jo has a few detractors as well.
  • Seinfeld Is Unfunny: TV musical series? Attractive young cast with equal singing parts? Current music all the kids are listening to? Sounds familiar right? Well it didn't back in 1999. The Band Toon was nothing new and The Monkees had a show too but in 1999 musicals were essentially for old folks. The idea of combining the genre with current music was relatively new. These days the show simply comes across as a pop group singing their own songs with a standard sitcom plot tacked on. The likes of Glee and High School Musical have certainly been influenced by the format even if they did it much better.
  • Signature Song: "Don't Stop Moving" and "S Club Party" are the most well known songs.
    • In America, they really wanted to push them as ballad singers, and it was "Two in A Million" and "Never Had A Dream Come True."
  • Special Effects Failure: The hurricane episode of Miami 7. Jon says he's trying to stop Howard's alligator from blowing away but it's clearly an inflatable pool toy being used. And it's a very obvious rubber model being used when the alligator falls on Howard at the end of the episode.
  • Tear Jerker: Paul leaving in Viva S Club. It was made all the more sad because they had done break up storylines before but it always ended with them making up, while this time you knew he wasn't going to come back.
    • The episode of Miami 7 where the band have to work in another hotel and Hannah starts dating a lifeguard. At the end they go back to Howard's hotel and Hannah must break up with the guy. The end of the episode has Rachel singing "I Really Miss You" at the hotel. Hannah's expression is perfect in that scene.
  • Technology Marches On: The cellphone Rachel had in "The Man From E.M.I." looked out of place if someone born in the mid-1990s and beyond was watching the program today, that includes the ringtone.
  • Values Dissonance: Most of the time, the group would use terms like bug and purp, which are mild yet kid-friendly alternative to words like damn and crap, to describe a bad situation. For example, Hannah tells Paul to bug off in "Mr. Muscle", which means she’s telling him to leave.
    • However, words like damn and hell have been used with the former being used as an adjective note  and the latter was used to describe a location note . This was for children and words like that are often used in adult programs, like a certain American family… in America at least.
  • Values Resonance: Several things about the show come across rather well these days:
    • Seven young friends with an almost equal gender divide existing on good terms with each other without having to resort to sexual tension or Pair the Spares. The one couple that did form (Paul and Hannah) didn't affect the group's dynamic in real life at all. In fact, with all the recent discussion about the difficulty in creating female-led shows, the fact that the girls outnumber the guys (four-to-three initially, then four-to-two in the final season,) without any discussion about it being a "chick show" is pretty impressive.
    • A black male existing as a character in his own right, given equal amounts of flaws, slapstick and competency compared to the rest of the group. His race is never brought up and is not an issue for anyone.
    • However, Paul does come close to bringing Rachel's religious background when he catches her with bacon by saying it's not good for her.note . Rachel does ask if she isn't allowed to have bacon, how is it any different for Paul. Just like the fact Bradley is black, Jamaican decent to be exact, Rachel's faith isn't brought up nor an issue to anyone. The villains don't bring this either, including that sheriff in the 50s special, where Bradley (black), Tina (biracial), and Rachel (Jewish) would've been easy targets but everyone was fair game.
      • Oddly, Rachel does take part in Christmas despite this.
    • The four girls are also given their own characters with individual quirks and personalities, as well as not having to be immune from slapstick. They were also not presented as being neither morally superior nor inferior to the boys.
    • Both sides pass The Bechdel Test, talking about things other than their relationships with men/women and their music. In addition, the girls get plenty of plots that don't revolve around their relationships with men.
    • Both sides provided equal amounts of Fanservice without it being their defining character trait.
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?: S Club 7 fell into this category with their last album Seeing Double. Two songs that stand out in particular:
    • "Hey Kitty Kitty" which contains the lyrics "Hey, kitty kitty, set me free. Why you'd wanna do what you do to me? So good at being bad, you blow my mind. Hey, kitty kitty, you're so fine"
    • "Do It Til We Drop." Bradley's raps were pretty unexpected for kids, but this song starts out with the line "Come on and play with me baby, like girls do" which is sung by Rachel and one line before the chorus that's repeated frequently is "I'm so high/I can't come down."
      • Imagine a couple of kids in the car with their parents singing along to those songs. At least one of the car crashes in 2004 had to have been caused by a situation like that.

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