Heartwarming / S Club 7

  • From the S Club Party Live tour in 2001note . A young fan is chosen to come on stage for the performance of "I Really Miss You". Rachel holds the young girl's hand throughout the entire song and gets her to dance with her. It's just so friggin adorable, especially when it cuts to Jo laughing happily at it. And at the end Rachel kisses the girl goodbye.
  • Being a band essentially designed for kids, it's a given that their music would be bright and optimistic. Accordingly, amidst the Silly Love Songs, several of their songs can be definite Sweet Dreams Fuel, with messages about friendship and positivity. "Reach" is the most obvious, but there are several others, such as "We Can Work It Out," "It's Alright," "Stand By You," and "Anytime, Anywhere," all of which contain the same general premise of "things will get better and you always have somebody on your side." Definitely not bad for lifting your spirits if you've had a bad day.
  • An episode of LA 7 has Rachel being forced to take their manager's son to his high school prom. The son is a typical nerd, who gets bullied. Rather than grumpily going along with it, Rachel is nice to him throughout the whole night and defends him from the bullies.