Funny / Robotomy

  • "Let's put on our thinking caps!"
    • Mr. Dreadnot doing his stretching exercises in front of the class while they're trying to take their test, and telling the class to keep their eyes on their papers.
  • "Shhh, not during shadow puppet theater!"
    Weenus: Bawk-bawk-bawk, who will help me bake my bread~? Not me~! NOT MEEEEE!!
  • "I didn't take dance class to hide in the shadows!"
  • This little exchange:
    Blastus: I'm a very, very sexy robot.
    Thrasher: Okay, now this is getting weird.
    Blastus: Say it! SAY I'M SEXY!
    *zoom out to show hallway of robots staring at them*
    Blastus:...ALL OF YOU! SAY IT!
  • Mean Green:
    • The Gore-Ax's short film about how plants are dangerous, concluding with a tree that eats a dog that urinated on him (and The Gore-Ax adding that the tree stole the dog's identity and ruined his credit rating).
    • Maimy thinking Thrasher is talking to his crotch when he says, "I'll take you out later, when we're alone." Thrasher was talking to the Green Spirit of Insanus, which he put in his belly compartment.
    • The Gore-Ax trying to brainwash Thrasher into hating plants (a la A Clockwork Orange), but his plant-hating video is replaced by a robot version of Twilight (or as The Gore-Ax calls it, "[the movie] that makes you stupid!"), and he has to settle on brainwashing Thrasher with a video called Talking Trains, followed by a Smash Cut to Thrasher restrained in a straitjacket, eating the padding off the padded cell walls, and claiming that he's a steam train.
  • The flashback of why Mr. Dreadnot got arrested on "The Trials of Robocles": upon hearing that he's been chosen to teach the robots about puberty, he drained his bank account, burned down his apartment, changed his name, and ran for the border — all while wearing a frilly dress, a thong, and heels.