Funny / Robot and Frank

  • Before he starts to mellow (a little) Frank was really being a prick towards Robot.
    Robot: Frank, that cereal is for children. Enjoy this grapefruit.
    Frank: You're for children, stupid.
  • The payoff with the Robot's "Initiating self-destruct" and then count down from ten trick. When the police bust Frank's house and decide to download Robot's memory, it does exactly that to try and scare everyone. The sheriff and the others shrug it off at first, but the robot's performance is so convincing that everyone eventually flees the house... save Hunter, who just sits on the stairs, looks at Robot and sighs.
  • Robot is always deadpan.
    Robot: "Warning. Do not molest me."

    Robot "Thank you, Frank. It's time for your enema."