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Funny: RoboCop (2014)
  • When Robocop tracks down a mook with information he needs, his HUD classifies the guy's emotional state as 'Totally Stoned'.
  • Novak losing it at the end of the film. It's funny because it comes completely out of left field.
  • When Robocop confronts Sellars and his crew on the rooftop with a gun, Tom Pope freaks out, whimpering, "I'm in marketing!"
  • The news ticker on the Novak Element in the beginning has many, including the fact that the president has approved astronauts bringing hookers into space.
  • Lewis telling Murphy he's now the "right color" after seeing him in his newly all-black suit.
  • After winning the combat test against Mattox, a comparison to his plasma rifle shorting out Robocop's non-vital functions is made:
    Robocop: Hey, Doctor... What would happen if I taser an exoskeleton with a little asshole inside?
  • Robocop crashing to the ground face down in the middle of running through a rice field, after being remotely deactivated.
  • Murphy talking about having peanut butter in his mouth as Norton conducts brain surgery on Murphy, in order to better control his emotions remotely. He doesn't have any peanut butter in his mouth at all. That's just a side-effect of Norton fucking around with his brain's functions. Murphy can't tell what's going on, aside from the fact that Dr. Norton is just working on him.
  • Murphy's interrogation of a mook:
    Murphy: You have two options. Option A) I stun you with 50,000 volts which can lead to organ malfunction, severe burns, and loss of bowel and bladder control, and then I arrest you. Option B) You tell me where John Biggs' drug lab is located, and then I arrest you. You have two seconds to decide.
  • In a meta moment, Michael Keaton chewing out/mocking Joel Kinnaman for complaining about his costume, and then completely derailing a press conference to discuss his time in the Batsuit.
    • It's also amusing to see the 5'9 Keaton standing beside the 6'2.5 Kinnaman.
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