Funny / Richard Pryor

  • Pretty much all of the Arizona state penitentiary bit is six minutes of hilarity:
    (as Gene Wilder) "What do you think they'd do to us if we were here Rich?" ... "FUCK us".
    (as Gene Wilder) "But I'm not homosexual!" "That don't matter! They don't fuck you cause you LIKE IT."
    "Why did you kill everybody in the house?" "They was home."
  • "Her apartment was baaad. The kind of place where if I don't get the pussy, I can fuck this couch!" (on a Playboy model)
  • "Men hold that shit in like it don't hurt. Walk around and get hit by trucks... 'Didn't he see that truck? Motherfucker wouldn't have seen a 747!'"
  • The African safari: "'Its just a rabbit'. 'Fuck you! Ain't no rabbit ever looked at me like that!"
  • The pet Squirrel monkey: "Wanna get this monkey's dick out of my ear Rich?" "Well you won't be making any movies for Warner Bros that's for goddamn sure."
  • "I'm going to be in that long-ass line!" - choosing between Out with a Bang or being hit by a bus.
  • Using a lit match to portray himself running down the street while on fire after a freebasing accident.
  • One from The Richard Pryor Show: "And The Pips!", one of the most surreal musical experiences you'll ever see.
  • When describing two men taking a leak over the Golden Gate Bridge. "Goddamn! Water's cold!" "Yeah, and it's deep, too!"
  • You'd think a cocaine junkie accidentally lighting himself on fire during a free-basing accident and almost dying wouldn't be funny, but Pryor turns the whole bit into the most pure example of Crosses the Line Twice in comedy. Best part is at the end when Richard gets back at all the people who mocked him by lighting a match on stage. "What's this? Richard Pryor running down the street."
  • His "If The Exorcist happened to black people" bit.
    "And get the cross out ya pussy".