Funny / Richard Pryor

  • Pretty much all of the Arizona state penitentiary bit is six minutes of hilarity:
    (as Gene Wilder) "What do you think they'd do to us if we were here Rich?" ... "FUCK us".
    "Why did you kill everybody in the house?" "They was home."
  • "Her apartment was baaad. The kind of place where if I don't get the pussy, I can fuck this couch!" (on a Playboy model)
  • "Men hold that shit in like it don't hurt. Walk around and get hit by trucks... 'Didn't he see that truck? Motherfucker wouldn't have seen a 747!'"
  • The African safari: "'Its just a rabbit'. 'Fuck you! Ain't no rabbit ever looked at me like that!"
  • The pet Squirrel monkey: "Wanna get this monkey's dick out of my ear Rich?" "Well you won't be making any movies for Warner Bros that's for goddamn sure."
  • "I'm going to be in that long-ass line!" - choosing between Out with a Bang or being hit by a bus.
  • Using a lit match to portray himself running down the street while on fire after a freebasing accident.
  • One from The Richard Pryor Show: "And The Pips!", one of the most surreal musical experiences you'll ever see.
  • "Goddamn! Water's cold!" "Yeah, and it's deep, too!"