Funny / Resonance Days

  • Ahem... Bitches love mermaids!
  • Our introduction to Oblivion, aka the ruler of Genocide City. Reibey enters Oblivion's chambers in order to give her a status update and he walks in on her... trying to solve a Rubix's cube. Huh.
    • Then Reiby attempts to solve it....and can't, before lamenting on humans being masochists.
  • Ticky Nikki wants to make sushi.
    Ticky Nikki: Can Nikki make sushi?
    Annabelle Lee: Yeah, okay, why not? She'll be all healed up by the time we get back anyway, so go nuts. Just wait until we've got her on the boat.
    Artz: So darling Nikki's going to be riding with us, then? Wonderful!
    Ticky Nikki: Never mind, don't wanna make sushi no more.
    Annabelle Lee: Thanks for crushing my sister's dreams, jackass
  • "By the way, she totally does it fish-style."