Funny / Rescue Me

  • The entirety of the 'Ex-Girlfriend Rule'.
    • You cannot bang a guys' ex-girlfriend, ex-wife, sister, or half sister, without his explicit - crystal clear - permission.
    • You can, however, mack on the ex-girlfriend or get some titty-action from the ex-wife, as it comes under the wide, wide umbrella of the 'It Was the Alcohol' Rule.
  • "Get out of the truck."
  • This exchange:
    Tommy: (on the flowers being sent to his daughters' hospital room) Another one!?
    Nurse: Yep. This is the fourth. They're getting bigger.
    Tommy: Any candy this time?
    Nurse: Sent it to the cancer kids.
  • The crew attends sensitivity training.
  • During the series finale...
    • Lou - Red velvet cake, huh?