Awesome / Rescue Me

  • Lou gets three in Season Five:
    • His outburst at Tommy for busting his balls about being sensitive about 9/11, ending with him saying that Tommy wasn't the only one there and he needs to remind Tommy of that.
    • Another outrage at Tommy continually getting on his case about marrying a former hooker, citing how she had sex with dozens of people to pay her bills whereas Tommy did the same simply for fun.
    • His The Plan against Candy after he realizes she used him again.
  • Needle's speech at the officer in headquarters destroying him to get the house reinstated is pure awesome.
  • The Booze baptism.
  • A season 3 episode has Tommy saving a little girl from a fire, speaking to her before handing her off. He then sees the paramedics pulling a blanket over her head and when he runs over to protest they claim that she's already dead. He begins to do CPR on her to the protest of the paramedics and the rest of the guys, even threatning them with an axe when they try to pull him away. He continues to relentlessly perform CPR on her lifeless body while his men (knowing all he's gone through) watch him in fear and pity. Then the little girl begins coughing and opens her eyes.