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Funny: Remember the Titans
  • During the montage of the white players and black players, one white player tries dancing to some cheesy country music. The black player finally shouts "Does the term 'cruel and unusual punishment' mean anything to you?!"
  • A different montage later in the film shows the Titans being more and more accepted as they continue their undefeated streak. One of these moments is a waitress at a diner putting up a sign reading "Titans Eat Free!" A few shots later in the same montage, she's wiping the sign off.
  • The scene where the players start swapping Your Mom jokes. Culminating with:
    Louie: I just gave your mama a piggyback ride and she's twice as heavy as I am.
  • Any scene involving Sunshine is practically guaranteed to be funny. Examples include:
    • After Gerry calls him a fruitcake when he first enters camp, he hits him between the shoulder blades with a football from about a hundred feet away and ends up being given a spot on the team for it.
    • Kissing Gerry in the locker room and using tai chi to avoid getting beat up by Gerry for it. Julius's reaction to being told what's going on is also priceless.
    • Petey's reaction to Sunshine refusing to give him a straight answer as to whether or not he's gay.
    You know what I gotta know, DON'T YOU MESS WITH MY MIND!
    • And when some girls are watching Sunshine practicing tai chi and sighing over him, this exhange happens between them and Petey
      Petey: I'm sorry to break y'all's hearts but Sunshine here is from California.
      Girl: Yeah. A California dreamboat.
      Petey: No.SUNSHINE is from CALI-FORN-YA.
  • Sheryl and Nicky join in the cheering in the final game and reach to hug each other... and then avert this particular cliché when they remember they don't like each other and pull back.
  • The withering look Sheryl gives Coach Boone when he asks her if she'd like to play with some dolls.
  • While watching the championship game, Gerry is yelling angrily as the Titans are losing. The nurse rushes in, asking what's wrong, to which Gerry yells "Don't come in here!"
  • Coach Boone giving Gerry a dressing-down during their first encounter in the most embarrassing manner possible, while in that quiet but intimidating Denzel way:
    Boone: That your momma? Take a good look at her. 'Cause once you're on that bus, you ain't got no momma no more. You got your brothers on your team...and you got your daddy, now you know who your daddy is, don't you? (silence) Gerry, if you want to play on this football team, you answer me when I ask you, 'Who's your daddy?'...Who's your daddy, Gerry?
    Boone: Is this your team, or is this your daddy's team?
    Boone: Get on the bus. Fix that tie, and get on the buss.

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