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Funny: Problem Child
Problem Child:
  • This exchange:
    Clown (holding a balloon animal) Look! A giraffe!
    Martin Beck: Look, a fist!
    (slugs clown)
  • Junior's takedown of the opposing little league team.
  • Ben's Sanity Slippage near the end of the film, especially when he finds that Beck kidnapped Flo and Junior.
  • "We've adopted Satan."
  • Junior's narration, especially this one from the camping trip:
    Junior Healy: These are Roy's kids. They share a brain. The one on the end has it today.
  • The Running Gag of Ben consulting parenting books. They start with "How to Be a Great Dad," go to "Disciplining Your Child," and when Ben goes through his Sanity Slippage, "The Exorcist."
    • A subtle gag: the first two books have the author's headshot on the back. Both are John Ritter in different costumes.
  • Ben grabbing a gun from a circus' costume rack to try and stop Beck. It turns out to be a "Bang!" Flag Gun.
  • Ben sinking his father's mayoral campaign with a Engineered Public Confession that ends with him mooning the camera on (unknown to him) live television).
  • Junior wrecking a bratty girl's birthday party in epic fashion. Doubles as a Crowning Moment Of Awesome.
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