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Funny: Prince of Persia

Forgotten Sands (360/PS3)

  • Everything the Prince says in the Astrolabe chambers.

Sands of Time

  • Any time the Prince talks to himself. Which is constantly. (And with occasional Lampshading.)
    The Prince: Finding my way to the baths from here should be easy. I'll just ask the next sand creature that I see. "Excuse me, could you direct me to the baths, please? Thank you." "Don't mention it, I used to be bath attendant back when I was alive"... (imitating Farah) "I'll meet you at the baths." She orders me around as if I was a servant! It's my own fault. With women, you have to show them you're in charge right from the start, or they'll walk all over you! I've been too indulgent. Probably because I felt sorry for her. Well, it stops now! From now on, she'll have to toe the line... that is, assuming I can find her.
  • Shortly afterwards...
    The Prince: (imitating Farah again) "Oh, have you been waiting here all this time? I didn't realize you meant these baths! I went to the other baths, clear across the other side of the city. I had a lovely wash and a rub with fragrant oils. Too bad you weren't there..." (beat) STOP TALKING TO YOURSELF!
  • While the Prince is fighting bats and finding light puzzles in the Hall of Learning, Farah comes across a few tidbits on the bookshelf:
    Farah: [reading a poem] "If you want to live, die in love. Die in love if you want to stay alive."
    The Prince: [confused] What's that supposed to mean?!
    Farah: I thought you might like it. I found it in a book of love poems.
    The Prince: [sarcastically] Well, if you're so smart, you should try to find a book on how to get us out of here!!
    • This is followed by Farah claiming that the poem was all a game:
      The Prince: [to himself] Game? She thinks this is a GAME?!
  • As the Prince and Farah are leaving the observatory:
    Farah: Look, a crack!
    The Prince: Wait, let's see where this corridor goes.
    [the corridor's numerous wall-mounted blades, spiked pillars, and swinging logs activate]
    The Prince: All right, you can take the crack.
  • When the Prince and Farah start heading for the elevator, Farah goes there first.
    The Prince: [following her] Farah, look out!
    Farah: Not everything is a trap, you know.
    [after a few seconds, the elevator starts going up]
    Farah: That was easy!
    The Prince: Too easy.
    [after a few more seconds, more sand creatures start appearing]
    The Prince: [gets a "Here We Go Again" look and mimicks Farah in sarcasm] "You know, not everything is a trap!" [they start fighting]
  • At the end where the Prince - forgetting that because the events of the game technically never happened she has no memory of falling in love with him - passionately kisses Farah, who pushes him away indignantly. Turned into a Funny Moment when he rewinds time with the dagger to erase this mistake.
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