Funny: Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

  • The Hexagon Brothers, though they're more like mooks. To be fair, it's just their outfits that make them funny. They're actually pretty strong in a fight.
    • All of their scenes with them failing to count off properly are still pretty funny, though.
    Greesix: Seventeen!
    Resix: Eighte-Wait, what?! How can there be more of us?
    (looks around at his five brothers)
    Resix: Brothers, beware! There may be spies among us!
  • Chobin, sometimes he's worse than Miror B.
    • Riding around in a Robo-Groudon helps.
  • Setting aside her Moral Event Horizon, Lovrina and her "So" Verbal Tic can be pretty hilarious.
  • Snattle's running animation.