Funny / Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

  • The Hexagon Brothers, though they're more like mooks. To be fair, it's just their outfits that make them funny. They're actually pretty strong in a fight.
    • All of their scenes with them failing to count off properly are still pretty funny, though.
    Greesix: Seventeen!
    Resix: Eighte-Wait, what?! How can there be more of us?
    (looks around at his five brothers)
    Resix: Brothers, beware! There may be spies among us!
  • Chobin; sometimes he's worse than Miror B.
    • Riding around in a Robo Groudon helps.
  • Setting aside her Moral Event Horizon, Lovrina and her "So" Verbal Tic can be pretty hilarious.
  • Snattle's running animation.
  • An easily-missed moment: After visiting the Poké Spots for the first time but before the attack on Phenac, go to Agate and talk to Eagun. He will bring up the wild Pokémon, then mention that it might be "nice" to raise one of his own. Pikachu will then give an offended shriek.