Funny / Pitch Black
  • Just about anytime spoiled Paris says or does something is funny.
    Zeke: Comfy up there?
    Paris: Amazing how you can do without the essentials of life, so long as you have the luxuries.
    • Not to mention when Jack sneaks up on him, he quips: "Tell me something: did you run away from your parents or did they run away from you?"
    • "People, just a suggestion. Perhaps you should FLEE!"
  • All the Riddick and Jack moments.
    Paris: (bemused) It's the winner of the look-a-like contest.
  • Early in the movie, another survivor startles the group staying at the ship while the others are looking for water. He gets shot by Zeke, who thought he was Riddick. Cue a shot to the background where Riddick is watching from Paris's spot while taking a drink.
  • Riddick leads the group back to the cargo ship for supplies. He says it "Looks clear." When Johns advances one of the Bioraptors/Demons swoops out of the cargo container, nearly taking his head off.
    Riddick: (shrug) I said, it looks clear.
    Johns: Well, what does it look like now?
    Riddick: (looks again, then deadpan) Looks clear.
  • After Johns gets torn apart by the creatures, we get this exchange:
    Fry: "Where's Johns?"
    Riddick: (Beat) "Which half?"
  • Riddick's genuine smile and friendly handshake during this nervous exchange:
    Paris: Paris P. Olgilvie. Antiquities dealer, entrepreneur.
    Riddick: (smiles) Richard B. Riddick. Escaped convict. Murderer.
  • Paris's death is a combination of funny and Tear Jerker.
    Paris: I was supposed to die in France. I never even saw France.
  • After his intimidating speech about how he got his eyes and Carolyn makes Jack leave, Riddick smirks at Carolyn and says: "Cute kid."
  • When Fry finds out about the Eclipse, just after they've found out about the alien creatures coming out at night, Riddick smirks a bit.
    Riddick: You're not afraid of the dark, are you?
  • Riddick explaining what happened to the miners.
    Riddick: I know you don't prep your emergency ship unless there's a fucking emergency.
    Jack: He's fucking right.
    Johns: You watch your mouth.