Awesome / Pitch Black

  • "You do NOT know WHO you are fucking with!"
  • "We can't leave..." * aliens approach the ship from the rear* "...Without saying goodnight." * Riddick fires ship's thrusters, incinerating the aliens behind them and ramming the ones in front of them*
  • This bit is totally awesome.
    Johns: How's it look?
    Riddick: Looks clear.
    (Johns takes a step forward, and a creature flies out towards them. They duck and it flies into the night)
    Johns: I thought you said it was clear!
    Riddick: (shrug) I said, it looks clear.
    Johns: Well, what does it look like now?
    Riddick: (looks again, then deadpan) Looks clear.
  • Riddick manages to kill one of the big aliens with nothing but a dagger and sheer badassery.
    Riddick: (covered in blood, staring at its corpse) Did not know who it was fuckin' with.
  • Fry all out assaulting Riddick instead of abandoning Jack and Imam and screaming that she is the Captain and he had to follow orders. Her bravery actually changes his mind because it impressed him, which is a pretty damn hard thing to do.
  • Riddick vs. Johns. Made more awesome by Riddick's badass comments as the light fades and the cowardly Johns scrambles for his gun.
  • Even earlier, when Riddick is still in chains and Johns has a shotgun pointed at his head!
    Riddick: C'mon, ghost me, motherfucker. I'd do the same to you.
  • Hell, even Paris gets one in the end. Surrounded by creatures, realizing that he'll never even see Paris, let alone live out his plan of dying there, his final act is one last recital of his Booze Flamethrower party trick as a dying 'fuck you' to the things surrounding him. Arguably made all the more awesome by his being a regular decidedly non-action guy with not much in the way of courage to work with.
    • What makes this more brave is remembering that he actually let himself see what was going to kill him. That takes some guts when he could have curled up and gotten on with the screaming.