Funny / Peter Is the Wolf

  • Genderal/Adult page 081. Sara has just learned about code phrases used to identify yourself as a werewolf to strangers in on the secret, and then Larry Beauchamp shows up, puts his arm around Sarah and goes: "You will be the show, the real tuileries. I'll make your chateaux tres beaux! Ooh! Do you do your own hair? Maurice will be jeal-ous!" Sara is dazed and confused and quite dumbfounded.
    Sarah: ...Were any of those code-phrases?
    Peter: ...Not for werewolves...
  • General/Adult page 093. The look on dad's face...
  • Adult page 225
    • Warning: NSFW.
  • General/Adult page 250: The dynamic direwolf.
    The weed of evil lurks in the hearts of men! And I am the weed-whacker in the hands of the illegal immigrant... of JUSTICE!
  • "Tonight, something is going to die!" "You're about to regret all that time you spent bopping field mice on their heads]]." (General 302).