YMMV / Peter Is the Wolf

Warning: Spoilers abound below.

  • Broken Base: The comic alternating between treating issues as comedy, deconstruction, and straight, can cause this. It's an Indecisive Parody, only it's an indecisive deconstruction of Ranma 1/2 style hijinks.
    • Jean's "cunning plan" to get Peter and Sarah back together has been met with mixed reaction, mainly because it took quite a while to understand just how Jean's plan was supposed to work.
  • Complete Monster: Gus is a truly nasty piece of work who acts out of a belief that the only value in anyone is in strength, and that the strong can and should take anything they want from anyone they can take it from. In his case, that includes the possibility he killed his wife, then beating, molesting and raping his daughter for years, keeping her in his house as a Sex Slave. He initially tried to keep her existence secret from the rest of the pack, and she had never left the house until they found out about her just before she should have been entering high school. Additionally, he has repeatedly tried to take over leadership of the pack, plans on taking Werewolf!Sarah as his new wife, and sold out his own kind by siccing The Men in Black on Peter, partly out of hatred for the existence of a runt and partly out of a desire to remove an object of his daughter's affection. Some time before the start of the comic, the pack held a vote on if he should be killed for their own safety. He only survived by two votes, both of which have later mentioned they wish they had voted differently, and the only reason they haven't held another vote is to keep unwanted attention away from the pack.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Hal the werebear is quickly gaining steam in the fanbase for his no-nonsense and aloof nature, and his penchant for humanist philosophy.
    • Probably a lot of this is a result of there being a SFW version of the comic. The comic is designed primarily as porn, so many of the character relationships and interactions are there solely to set up the sex scenes, with the "joke" of Hal being that bears are a largely solitary species and so he quite literally does not give a fuck. In the censored version, this can make most of the other characters with speaking roles seem flighty, frivolous, and somewhat inconsistent while all of Hal's bits are still on-screen so he has a perfectly comprehensible character arc in both versions.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Although Butch began the comic as the antagonist to Peter, later developments put her predicament in a whole new light. She's interested in fashion design because Gus makes her walk around the house naked, she wants to hook up with Peter so she'd have an excuse to leave, Peter specifically turns her on because as a runt he's a completely nonthreatening and a genuinely nice boy, she's a Jerkass cause that's all she's ever known...
    • It's not so profound an example, but Daniel's "You couldn't have me" act towards Ashley at the Howl is an obvious ruse if you paid attention while they were introduced. Ashley is playing along because getting some from Daniel means she's less likely to be hounded during the Howl once it starts.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Jean teasing Butch about Peter "getting away" isn't the least bit funny once we learn about Butch's backstory. Also borderlines on Harsher in Hindsight if you thought Jean was being a bit too barbed with her comments.
    • Jean was being mean to Butch. Jean actually gets called on it at least once too.
  • Heartwarming Moments: Several of the times when Peter shows his devotion to Sarah or her response can be seen as this.
    • When he refuses to tell her about the death sentence awaiting them both if she cannot control herself and said she had enough on her plate and didn't need this. And to him, it didn't matter what became of him as long as she was safe.
    • Their make-up after Butch's attempted rape.
    • Peter uses Sarah's phone and takes photos of her werewolf form to hand into their professor in her name to help her get an A in the hard course.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Rebecca attempting to rape Peter came close, but then she backed out, making her start to dance the line on this trope. Then we discover she was going this route due to her father raping her, repeatedly, after making her live as his own naked slavegirl for YEARS, putting her in some sorta weird and very dark Woobie status, and throwing her father (who was already a huge Jerkass) way past the horizon.
    • Also, Sarah to the fanbase, due to her reactions to the first part of this entry.
  • Values Dissonance: Peter's parents - namely Walt - don't seem to understand why Peter's near-rape is such a big deal. This is mainly because the wolf mentality is Might Makes Right and the strong members of the pack have the right to claim any weaker member. Since Peter and Sarah, at this point, were not solid, it could be an accepted action. Jean even noted there was a old female member of the pack who tried to take Peter a few years back.
  • What an Idiot!: So wait, your girlfriend's just upset cause she misunderstood your near-rape as some sort of kinky sex game? Oh good, it means you can still get back with her. Oh hey, idea! You and your best friend (who you've already been cheating on Sarah with) should have consensual sex so she'll calm down. Wait, what?
    • Averted - It was all in Jean's head. Peter actually denies Jean rather emphatically in reality. Jean compliments him on finally growing a spine at the most inconvenient time for her.
  • The Woobie: Peter clearly gets the gold medal in this comic for the role, but Sarah, Jean, and Rebecca show some Woobie traits over the course of the comic.