Funny / Pearl Harbor

  • A groggy Red, looking out a window while relieving himself, sees the attacking Japanese planes, whereupon he stumbles back to the bunks, stammering nearly to the point of speechlessness. It takes his shout of "The Jaaaaaps are here!"—punctuated by machine-gun fire through the wall—to get everyone else's attention.
  • A bit of Black Comedy, aboard the West Virginia, the sailor on the 1MC (Navy speak for a ship's Public Address system) can be heard shouting "This is no shit! They just sank the Arizona!"
    • By some accounts this is what was said in Real Life, though the actual PA man later denied it. The Bridge Talker on USS California actually did relay the order to set Condition One as "Man Battle Stations, Air Action! This is no shit!" The "no shit" line was also heard on several other ships.
  • This little gem.
    Rafe: In fact, as an officer, I think it'd be my duty to take my new hero's daughter out tonight just to d-ACK!
    Evelyn: Gosh, did I poke too deep?
    Rafe: I think you hit the bone there!
  • A new enlistee is trying to get out of getting his shots, and is referred to a very stern-faced nurse who, at that moment, stabs a very unfortunate enlistee directly in the buttocks.