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Funny: Out Cold
  • The lesbian chat room scene.
  • When Majors shoots down Eric's offer to show him the mountain. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome for Majors.
    John Majors: No offense, short stack, but you give me the creeps.
  • The prank where Pig-pen and company place an unconscious Luke in the driver's seat of Rick's car, and spin it around on the snow-covered parking lot while screaming, causing Luke to wake up and frantically try to pull the car out of the spin.
  • Luke's reaction upon seeing that Barry is wheelchair-bound.
    Luke: Yeah, Rick, I'm having second thoughts about kicking this guy's ass.
  • The drug test - Pig-pen is told to "go to the bathroom in the cup". No points for guessing which number he did into it.
  • The aftermath of Luke's mishap in the hot tub. Especially the Oh, Crap look on his face when Stumpy shows up with a large pair of shears to get him unstuck...only to use them to cut a lime in half.
    • "They call him the jacuzzi Casanova because he had himself up in it! Y'know, loving it STRONG!"
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