Funny / Our Man Flint

Our Man Flint
  • Loved how Flint initially brushed Cramden off when he first approached him about the mission.
    Cramden: Flint, the government needs you.
    Flint: Yes, well, it's good to be wanted, sir.
  • When Cramden first learns about Flint's aptitude for ballet.
    Cramden: You traveled all the way to Moscow to watch a ballet?
    Flint: No, to teach!
  • When Flint and Gruber are introduced.
    Flint: Hans Gruber, Hitler youth movement, escaped during the Nuremberg Trials.
  • "I'm going to put Galaxy into orbit."

In Like Flint
  • Cramden and a minor ZOWIE agent have an urn of what they believe to be Flint's ashes, and the agent is smoking. He absentmindedly uses the urn as an ashtray, much to Cramden's dismay.
  • After dashing through the health spa, knocking around a bunch of mooks, Flint is suddenly surrounded by Gen. Carter and even more mooks. Flint quickly drops his fighting stance and asks, "Well, shall we try diplomacy?"
  • Flint discovers that an impostor has replaced the President of the United States. Even funnier because it probably wasn't intended as a joke when the movie was made.