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  • The appearances on TV Heaven Telly Hell by Would I Lie to You? team captains Lee Mack and David Mitchell, discussing The Indoor League and Adam Hart-Davies respectively.
  • Argumental pulled one off in the very first episode: "anyone who says that America and Britain should be more similar is as outdated as a mammoth!... I realize that if it was a mammoth, there wouldn't necessarily be a photo of it."
    • Jimmy Carr inadvertently called the entire British Military gay. He then continued in the same fashion, calling all ice cream vendors and the British Prime Minister, gay.
    (Team are shown a picture of a house being blown up, with an ice cream van outside)
    Marcus Brigstocke: Is this an argument against calling the entire British Military gay?
    Jimmy Carr: What, the British Army turned up at my house in an ice cream van? Well I'm sorry, but that is a bit gay!
  • Tommy Cooper, a British comedian/magician, is known for having an entire career full of crowning funny moments. His look and his manner made it possible for him to say just about any joke he wanted and, based entirely on his delivery, make people laugh. Jokes and gags that would elicit groans or even boos if they were told by any other comedian suddenly became hilarious when they were coming from Cooper's mouth. Probably the most surprising is an anecdote told by Bob Monkhouse where he saw Cooper playing with a metal tap/faucet attached to a piece of elastic. After Monkhouse asked what he was doing, he explained that he was going to walk out on stage, bounce it around for a while and then say "Tap dance!" Monkhouse claimed it was one of the worst jokes he had ever heard and advised him not to bother with it; Cooper subsequently went out on stage, performed the gag and brought the house down.
  • When Robin Williams was a guest on Inside the Actor's Studio, a member of the live audience got a herniated disk from laughing too hard, and had to be taken away in an ambulance.
  • The Tom Green Show's Crowning Moment was definitely when he went to his parents' house and presented them with a functioning fountain statue of them having sex. Doggystyle.
  • From the comedy show Hollow Men: Everyone's a Lawyer.
  • The first episode of The Peter Serafinowicz Show was one of these in its entirety. It's just a shame that the other episodes were nowhere near as good.
  • The Two Ronnies: Fork Handles.
    • This was even referenced at Barker's funeral by having a man walk in front of his coffin with a lit candelabra... containing four candles.
  • On Cbbc show Big Babies, in the 'Market' episode, one of the babies toys lands in Rocco's lap, and Brooks attempts to haggle it off him:
    Brooks: How much?
    Rocco': 10 pounds.
    Brooks: No way!
    Rocco': 15 pounds!
    Brooks: Wait,no-
    Rocco': 20 pounds!
    Brooks: You're meant to go down-
    Rocco': Thirty,then.
    Brooks: No no nonono, stop stop-
    Rocco': 40 then.
    Brooks: St-
    Rocco': 50. 60. 70. 80. 90. 100. 200. 300. 400. 500. 600. 700! 800! 900!
    • Rocco later agrees at "Eleventy infinity million pounds!" which Brooks says is 'a bit much for a stupid toy.
    • Then he gets it for free.
  • Scare Tactics has a lot of really good pranks, but one of their best moments was the "rat monster" prank, in which a very sweet PETA activist is dragged into a fake animal testing facility. "Do you need help, little man?" (Unfortunately youtube doesn't have an unedited clip, but this gives the general idea.)
  • From Bunk: Dana Gould's song about actually having rent money.
    There comes a time in you life when something new knocks on your door
    And this time you rent money and don't have to be a whore
    This week! And for the three after
    But next month brings new promises of doom
    And being on the pole
  • In the episode of The Hughleys with the wedding of Yvonne's sister Shari, Darryl sees Brick (The fiancé) cheating on his sister-in-law at the bachelor party. Darryl, who has a mutual dislike of Shari, finally tells her at the altar, only to be accused of lying because of their turbulent relationship & wanting to see her unhappy.
    Darryl: Do you really think I would make something like this up, on the off-chance you might not leave?
    Shari: [To Brick] YOU SON-OF-A-BITCH!
  • Brainiac: Science Abuse had the segment "Can You Do Your Job" whilst being electrocuted repeatedly where various people were hooked up with frequent high voltage shots. You'll feel guilty for laughing at it but that poor ASDA checkout worker. Let's just say it's advisable to not hold up boxes of eggs and bags of flour if you're getting electric shocks.
  • The 2014 Emmy Awards:
    • Seth Meyers starts taking questions about the Emmys, which immediately derail into the stupid and ridiculous like where the bathroom key is. As in, one bathroom. The key's hung on a spare Emmy award by the way.
    • Julia Louis-Dreyfus claims she can't remember that Bryan Cranston was on Seinfeld one time back in the day, even though he says they both had a kissing scene. By some twist of fate this gets spun into a Brick Joke when Julia actually wins for Best Female Lead in a Comedy (Veep), and Bryan celebrates by laying a hot, looong one on her (a kiss, that is). The first thing she says upon getting the award?
    "Oh wait, he WAS in Seinfeld..."
  • Jordi Evole is a Spanish journalist that has his own program, where he makes investigation journalism and interviews to people on both sides on whatever matter he is working on. On April 2013, he made a program about the 2006 Valencia Metro derailment, which killed 43 people, and which was blamed by all (but the local and regional government) on shoddy maintenance. During the program, while he interviews one of the victim's family, which mentions a local politician that offered them money if they dropped the demand, and Jordi gets that politician's phone number. When he calls him, the person at the other side says he is that politician, but as soon as Jordi identifies himself... the politician says he is his brother.
  • The April 23, 2015 episode of Charlie Rose ends with an uncharacteristic stinger between the closing funding credits and the PBS logo in which Charlie Rose advertises an upcoming story on PBS NewsHour, and right before East Tennessee PBS's broadcast of the same, a spot for the local underwriter, Access America, didn't wait for the local station IDnote  to be shown, resulting in both briefly switching places.