Funny / No FX

  • There is something hilariously ironic and petty about the image of 'followers of Jimmy Jones cutting in the kool-aid line'.
  • S & M Airlines ends in a cover of "Go Your Own Way" performed as a duet between Fat Mike and Bad Religion's Greg Graffin. Graffin is taking his part seriously, while Fat Mike seems to deliberately sing like he's Hollywood Tone-Deaf throughout the song (veering wildly off-key and out-of-time, as well as ad-libbing the lyric "If I could, baby, I'd give you my socks"). The juxtaposition is pretty hilarious.
  • The semi-fake commercial for The War On Errorism at the end of the "Regaining Unconsciousness EP," mostly from El Hefe's hammy reading.
    El Hefe: Don't miss special guest vocalist Eric Melvin!
    (Clip of Melvin screaming)
    El Hefe: Once again, that's...
    (Another clip of Melvin screaming)
    El Hefe: Well there you have it, punk rock fans! Don't forget to pick up the new NoFX album The War On Errorism at an independent record store near you!" note