Funny / No FX

  • There is something hilariously ironic and petty about the image of 'followers of Jimmy Jones cutting in the kool-aid line'.
  • S & M Airlines ends in a cover of "Go Your Own Way" performed as a duet between Fat Mike and Bad Religion's Greg Graffin. Graffin is taking his part seriously, while Fat Mike seems to deliberately sing like he's Hollywood Tone-Deaf throughout the song (veering wildly off-key and out-of-time, as well as ad-libbing the lyric "If I could, baby, I'd give you my socks"). The juxtaposition is pretty hilarious.
  • The semi-fake commercial for The War On Errorism at the end of the "Regaining Unconsciousness EP," mostly from El Hefe's hammy reading.
    El Hefe: Don't miss special guest vocalist Eric Melvin!
    (Clip of Melvin screaming)
    El Hefe: Once again, that's...
    (Another clip of Melvin screaming)
    El Hefe: Well there you have it, punk rock fans! Don't forget to pick up the new NoFX album The War On Errorism at an independent record store near you!" Also available for free on the internet.