Funny / Minecraft: The Ex-Communicated Series

From hilarious conversations to happenings in the games to just all around screwing around, this series has it all. It's probably why this series is the only one to get its own trope page and CMOF page at the same time.

  • Episode 6 has Nova going fishing for some stuff in the water, which had Seamus wanting to learn Nova's secrets to doing everything. When Seamus asked "What don't you do?" Nova's response?
  • They were discussing sleeping arrangements on a single bed. When Nova remarked that he weighed 275 lbs, Seamus's reply? "THEN YOU SLEEP OUTSIDE"
  • The sign to the portal to the Nether in episode 8 said "Into Nova's Asshole"
  • Episode 9 had Nova killing cows that were on the mountain the three had spawned on and Sly jumped in front just as Nova killed one, causing Sly to pick up the meat and leather from the kill. He further taunted Nova by eating the meat and Nova's response was to punch Sly off the mountain.
  • Episode 12 has a discussion about the properties of water about thirty seconds into the video.
  • Episode 15 had Nova's butt talking.
  • Episode 20 has three moments all in the span of two minutes. (starts at 6:18) First, Seamus tried to tame Nova with the wheat, then Nova booted Seamus off the edge, but that's not the funny moment, about 50 seconds later, Nova was looking over the same cliff when Seamus said "What's that down there?" and proceeded to boot Nova off the edge, and Nova call backs to this video and tries to do the same thing but fails.
  • The monster spawns in several episodes of the third version can get absurdly ridiculous at some times.
  • Episode 50 had Sly decked out in a full coat of iron armor and when Seamus complained, Sly gave him 10 iron ingots to make his own. To pay him back, Seamus goes in Sly's house and sucks his dick.