Funny / Mercy Thompson

  • In Chapter 11 of Moon Called, a police officer comes up to the van Mercy is borrowing in the middle of the woods to investigate. Mercy just plays everything cool and has Samuel (who is in wolf form) pretend he is a dog. The officer's reaction to the "dog" is funny and Mercy's excuses are funny too.
    (After the officer asks about Samuel)
    Mercy: I got him from the pound when he was a puppy. My vet says he might be an Irish Wolfhound cross of some sort, maybe with something with a little wolf like a Husky or Samoyed.
    Officer (Muttering): Or Siberian Tiger.
    • It much funnier too because Samuel plays a dog a little to well.
  • In Chapter 14 of Moon Called, Mercy breaks into the room where Adam and Jesse are held up in. She tries to revive an unconscious Adam by giving him some coffee she brought. His first but very tired response is hilarious.
    Adam: Mercy, What the hell did you do to my French Roast?"
  • In Chapter 4 of Iron Kissed, Mercy is forced to show a lawyer she is hiring that she is a coyote shifter. To the lawyer, the sight of Mercy stripping naked is nothing new, in fact the lawyer casually asks Mercy if she's a stripper too. What finally gets a reaction out of the lawyer is the sight of Mercy shifting into a coyote, whom the former immediately assumes is a werewolf. Mercy is baffled by this.
    Mercy: She couldn't tell a coyote from a werewolf? That was like looking at a Geo Metro and calling it a Hum-Vee."
  • Mercy's habit of taking bits and pieces off the old car she leaves in her backyard to tick off Adam including the words "For a good time call [Adam's number]" at his daughter Jessie's suggestion...then the revelation that he used to run around naked in his backyard at night as a sort of revenge.
  • Coyote's way of figuring out how big the River Devil is in River Marked. He shoves Mercy into said river and uses the length of the tentacles that try to grab her as an estimation tool. Doubles as a CMoA, seeing as he completely ignores a very ticked off Adam while measuring.
  • In Frost Burned, the fae apparently responded to the US government trying to bomb them by teleporting the incoming bombers to Australia. The incident was embarrassing enough that the US government had to issue a formal apology to the Australian one.
  • When Mercy was a teenager in the Marrok's pack, he made her stepmother cry. In revenge, she tricked him into sitting in peanut butter after smearing it on the seat of his new car. The story of how the teenage girl pranked one of the most powerful beings on the continent and not only got away with it, but got him to issue a public apology to her stepmother is considered one of the most hilarious and awesome things that everyone in the supernatural community who knows of Bran has ever heard. No matter how much Mercy wishes otherwise.