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Funny: Memento
  • The moment where, in the middle of chasing Dodd, Leonard resets. "OK, so what am I doing? Oh, I'm chasing this guy." Dodd then fires a gun at him. "No, he's chasing me."
  • Kicking down the wrong motel room's door, and using it to knock the wrong guy unconscious, because he misread Natalie's note. "Sorry."
  • A nice bit of Black Comedy:
    Natalie: What was the last thing that you do remember?
    Leonard: My wife.
    Natalie: That's sweet.
    Leonard: ...Dying. I remember my wife dying.
  • Another Black Comedy moment, beginning of a scene, we saw Leonard sitting in someone's bathroom, holding a bottle of alcohol, confused because he's not drunk. Then he gets into the shower. When the previous scene connects, we found out that he was in Dodd's apartment, ambushing the guy and picking the bottle as a weapon, then just forgot it and decided to take a shower.
  • Teddy's cheerful delivery of "Lenny!" is bound to have you smiling. Becomes Black Comedy considering what happens in the beginning of the film.

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