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Funny: Memoirs of a Geisha
  • Chiyo's training montage.
  • Chiyo giving a man on a bike the 'geisha look' which sends him crashing into a cart.
  • In the book, during Sayuri and Nobu's first meeting with the Minister (Whom Nobu strongly dislikes), the Minister becomes extremely drunk and faceplants into the snow outside the teahouse they're in:
    Nobu: I believe we've killed him. And if you ask me, he deserved it.
    Sayuri: Is this how you act toward your honored guests? You must take him out onto the street and walk him around a bit to wake him up. The cold will do him good.
    Nobu: He's lying in the snow. Isn't that cold enough?
  • In the film, Mameha starts to give Sayuri The Talk using the funny and odd metaphor of eels and caves. Then, Sayuri stops her, says that she already knows because she "Lives with Hatsumomo!"
  • In the film, Mother's comments towards a very nervous and heavily made up Pumpkin who is facing her first performance as a Maiko: "Stop crying! Your face will run!".
  • Hatsumomo's epic breakdown. Made all the better by the words that completely send her over the edge.
    Mameha: Hatsumomo-san, please, as a favor to try to calm down.
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