Funny: Mark Henry

  • Mark Henry doesn't appreciate being interrupted by The Big Show. In turn, Show does appreciate being taunted while already in a bad mood.
    Mark: You wait your turn! Now you take your HE-HE-HEAVY BREATHING AND YOU TAKE THAT DROOLING SOMEWHERE ELSE! Now as I was sayin—**Punch**
  • Defeated Sin Cara on the February 18, 2013 Raw with the World's Strongest Slam. He set up for it again when the Great Khali made his way out. Henry mocked Khali's dancing and said, "That's all you're good for, is dancing."
    • Even funnier since every time they actually fight, Henry ends up owning Khali with a World's Strongest Slam.
    • Which he proceeded to do the following week.
  • Mark's 1999 love story ... with Mae Young!