Funny / Magical Pony Lyrical Twilight

  • Fluttershy versus Arf. It ends about as well as it could have for the familiar.
  • It's kind of funny in a sad way, but after Fluttershy heard about what Presea had done to Fate, the only way she was able to calm down was by treating Yuuno's ferret form like a teddy bear.
    • The fact that Yuuno was willing to sacrifice his dignity to comfort her also makes it a Heartwarming Moment.
  • Lindy, Amy and Chrono arriving to Equestria on a diplomatic visit... and greeted by a welcome party set by Pinkie Pie. Chrono is struggling to keep up the professional attitude.
    "I feel like Iíve wandered into a girlís cartoon."
  • Trixie's ridiculously big device. When she tries to nonchalantly lean it on her back, it tilts and falls to the ground with an awkward "clunk".