Funny / Law Abiding Citizen

  • Clyde calling out the judge: "Do you have any idea what justice is? Whatever happened to right and wrong? Whatever happened to right and wrong!? Whatever happened to justice!? AND I BET YOU TAKE IT UP THE FUCKIN' ASS, BITCH!"
  • The way Clyde says goodbye to Nick straight after the above rant. "See you later Nick!"
  • Clyde asking Nick for a new bed results in this hilarious exchange between him and Dunnigan.
    Dunnigan: I believe those cots are bolted into the cells.
    Clyde: (deadpan) Well, that's what wrenches are for ... dumbass.
    Dunnigan: (smile fades, stares dumbfounded)
  • When Clyde asks for silverware with his meal, he's given a spork.