Funny: Kuroko no Basuke

  • "So this is rush hour in Japan...!!"
  • The end of the first Seirin versus Shuutoku match. Seirin wins by one point.
    Midorima: "KUROKOOOOOOOOOO!!!"
  • The restaurant scene at the end of the Seirin versus Shuutoku arc. The sheer WTF expressions everyone has as Midorima and Takao walk in are pure gold.
  • Quarter 74: Kagami's reaction to Tetsuya #2 is, quite simply put, hilarious.
  • Tetsuya #2 pulling a Get a Hold of Yourself Man on Kagami in Quarter 77.
  • Aomine's reaction to Kuroko catching him in the Teikou sports room in Quarter 124 is priceless.
  • The advice Aomine gives Kuroko about how to shoot well. He just gives Kuroko a blank look before randomly lobbing the ball at the basket and it goes in.
  • Quarter 81: Kise messages Midorima.
    Kise: "Good luck!"
    Midorima: "DIE."
  • Quarter 93: When Momoi, Kise and Midorima discover Tetsuya #2...
  • Any and every time someone says the following, to or about Kuroko:
    "Since when were you here?!"
  • Quarter 60: Midorima gets introduced to the weirdness of Seirin during the training arc.
    Midorima: (To Takao) "We're cursed."
  • Quarter 94, full stop. Highlights include Riko going on a burning spree with all of Seirin's belongings (my model plane!) and the huge competition to decide the unlucky person that'll have to venture into the fungus forest.
  • Aomine and Kuroko's first meeting.
  • Quarter 174, which involves Aomine, Kagami and basketball shoes.
  • This guy in the Kaijou team, whose only role is to get rebounds. He's extremely enthusiastic about it, even though it's the only thing he does during games.
  • Murasakibara's reaction to Kuroko marking him in one of the most literal cases of David Versus Goliath EVER.
    Murasakibara: "Are you cotton candy?!"
  • Riko's training camp menu tasting.
  • Kagami provokes Murasakibara into playing streetball by acting like a kid. It works.
  • Kagami somehow managing to headbutt a hoop twice, to the amazement of everyone in the room.
  • Quarter 239: With Seirin on the ropes thanks to Mayuzumi's (Rakuzan's 5th man) Misdirection, Seirin assigns Izuki, who has the Eagle's Eye to mark him. Leaving Akashi to be marked by... Furihata of all people. Everyone's reaction sells it. Not to mention Furi's absolutely white-pale terrified expression, looking like he's about to piss right there. Aomine even nicely puts it;
    Aomine: "I can't help but see a chihuahua standing in front of a lion..."
  • It gets even better in Quarter 240 as for the first time ever Akashi is actually BEWILDERED by something. Furihata is so weak compared to him that he doesn't even know how to deal with him! And just when Akashi seems to have gotten a hold of himself, Furihata falls flat on his face just trying to follow Akashi to the throw-in.